The Rise of AI Demands Sustainable Computing

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ChatGPT: The Mosaic Moment of Artificial Intelligence

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The Role of Sustainability in the Future of IT with Capgemini

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How AI Will Transform the Energy Grid with Sean Murphy

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Dip’s Chips, Part 2: ASICs and the Next Decade of Chip Development for Asynchronous Tasks

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The Demand For Batch Processing Is Growing Again

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The Zero-Carbon Cloud with Professor Andrew Chien

[sonaar_audioplayer artwork=”” artwork_id=”11447″  feed=”″ feed_title=”The Zero Carbon Cloud with Professor Andrew Chien” player_layout=”skin_boxed_tracklist” hide_progressbar=”default” display_control_artwork=”false” hide_artwork=”false” show_playlist=”false” show_track_market=”false” show_album_market=”false” hide_timeline=”false”][/sonaar_audioplayer]… Read more »

DID: The Future of Identity

By John Belizaire, CEO I am fortunate enough to own a car. I bought my first home about 20 years ago.… Read more »