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Soluna harnesses the power of computing to accelerate the renewable energy future

Our data centers can buy every excess megawatt to use for batch-oriented, computing-intensive processes such as cryptocurrency mining or machine learning, and this solution is as low-risk and low-friction to use as a smartphone.

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We are cracking the code of stranded renewable energy

…of stranded renewable energy—usable energy that goes unused. Why? To help power plants reach their revenue goals. To get more megawatts to the grid. To help make renewable, affordable energy the world’s primary power source. How? By bringing demand to the source, building mobile data centers at the location where power is generated, then applying that energy to the growing worldwide demand for high-intensive computing.

Up to 30% of solar and wind farm capacity is wasted

Wasted power is one of the biggest unsolved problems for the economics of renewable energy. We believe that sustainable computing is ready for scale and will play an integral role in the solution.

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We’re Solving Renewable Energy’s Biggest Problem

Leveraging our team’s unique combination of energy and technology expertise, we are the first to offer this revenue-generating solution, giving asset owners a competitive advantage. Our solution will be the industry standard within 3 years.

John Belizaire

John Belizaire

Chief Executive Officer

John Tunison

Chief Financial Officer
Soluna Holdings, Inc.

Jessica Thomas

Chief Accounting Officer
Soluna Holdings, Inc.

Dipul Patel

Dipul Patel

Chief Technology Officer
Soluna Computing, Inc.

Mary O’Reilly

Mary O’Reilly

Chief People Officer
Soluna Computing, Inc.

Larbi Loudiyi

VP, Power
Soluna Computing, Inc.

Phillip Ng

Phillip Ng

VP, Corporate Development
Soluna Computing, Inc.

Nick Lancaster

VP, Engineering
Soluna Computing, Inc.

Chase Stowell

Sr. Business Unit Controller
Soluna Computing, Inc.

Jim Reynolds

Sr. Director, Operations
Soluna Computing, Inc.

Board of Directors

John Belizaire

Chief Executive Officer, Soluna Holdings, Inc., Board Member

David C. Michaels

Chief Financial Officer, Soluna Holdings, Inc., Board Member

Michael Toporek

Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors

William P. Phelan

Lead Independent Board Member, Co-founder and CEO of Bright Hub, Inc.

Matthew Lipman

Board Member, Managing Director at Brookstone Partners

Edward R. Hirshfield

Independent Board Member, Managing Director at B Riley Securities, Inc.

William Hazelip

Independent Board Member, Vice President of National Grid PLC

Thomas J. Marusak

Independent Board Member, President of Comfortex Corporation

John Bottomley

Independent Board Member, Co-founder and Chief Development Officer at V-Ridium Europe

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