Tired of losing revenue to curtailment?

We build small-footprint data centers to buy & use all your ‘excess’ energy.
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Watch this video to see how Soluna's Modular Data Centers solve the curtailed energy problem.

Want to find out how much more revenue your renewable asset can generate by incorporating on-site flexible demand?

Our Curtailment Assessment is the first step in learning how Soluna’s modular data centers can eliminate wasted energy and deliver revenue to your renewable energy projects.

We will use your data to help you visualize:

Curtailment profile, seasonality, and distribution.
Current financial impact of curtailment.
Amount of estimated curtailment reductions with our modular data center installed on site.
Diagrams of potential project design, including behind-the-meter structure physical layout, and market settlement flow charts.

We estimate the additional revenue your project will earn from our modular data center because...

Curtailment can cost you up to $2 million per year, or up to 30% of annual revenue, due to lost revenues from PTC, RECs, & PPAs

Here’s what we will need from you:

  • Signed MNDA
  • Three years of data from historic production in five minute intervals – to simulate the load of the data center
  • Locational marginal prices for the site
  • Curtailment overview

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How does it work?
Our approach is simple.  Our team will analyze your data and develop a custom curtailment assessment and solution design proposal.  

This plan will include a detailed look at your total output, curtailed energy, seasonality, and the financial impact of curtailment.  We will then develop options for optimizing revenue, including  proposed modular data centers to absorb your excess energy.  

In the assessment, we will also explain the settlement including the behind the meter structure we use.
What is the timeframe?
Our solution includes a power purchase agreement with at least one 5-year term.
How long does it take to get the MDC up and running?
One we’ve completed the assessment, we’ll develop a solution design and a timeline.  Our data center projects take as little as six-months from start to finish.
What is the pricing?
Pricing is dependent on the location of your project, the grid, and several other determining factors.  To find out the custom pricing for your project, schedule a call with us.