Soluna builds the world’s most climate-friendly data centers, harnessing renewable energy to power cutting-edge AI innovation. It’s cleaner and more affordable.

By co-locating with renewable power sources, our Helix Data Centers are purpose-built to efficiently convert curtailed renewable energy into AI computing.








AI Virtual


Video, Image &
Character Development






Grid Resilience &
Seismic Interpretation

18% cleaner than traditional data centers

We’re committed to making AI sustainable. That’s why our data centers are powered by the latest advancements in clean technology.

Direct Liquid Cooling

Radiators on chips ensure efficient heat transfer. This system is quiet, water-free, and has a high power density of over 60 kW per rack, optimizing performance.

Green Power

Colocation with green power plants reduces the strain on saturated electrical grids, while consuming wasted green energy, leads to a carbon-negative impact.


Electrical infrastructure capable of delivering over 250 kW per rack, with cooling and filtration systems designed to accommodate various types of computing systems including CPU, GPU, ASIC, and FPGA.


Deployments ranging from 1 to 50,000 GPUs, supporting 1 to 250+ kW per rack, housed in modular buildings that combine to form large campuses.

Zero Water

Soluna’s modular data centers employ our proprietary hyper-efficient airflow system, complemented by closed loop chillers applied as necessary.



Build AI Models, Not Infrastructure

Aren’t you tired of being bogged down by infrastructure complexities when all you want to do is innovate with AI?

We offer a turnkey solution: global access to our AI Cloud filled with the latest GPUs and a powerful enterprise-grade software platform. With a comprehensive Generative AI development environment, we liberate you from GPU scarcity and complex software setups.

GPU Access Woes?

Say goodbye to the endless waitlists for the latest GPUs. With Soluna Cloud, reserved access to private H100s and beyond is just the beginning of your AI journey.

Expertise Gap?

Don’t have an army of AI experts at your disposal? No problem. Our platform is designed to empower data science teams of all sizes to collaborate on AI projects.

Worried about speed-to-market with your AI models?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, every minute counts. With Soluna Cloud, you can accelerate your AI initiatives. By eliminating the need to focus on managing the complexities of AI pipelines, or hardware infrastructure, we help you leap ahead in the AI race.

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Artificial Intelligence

Soluna Cloud makes your Generative AI development journey effortless by providing a trusted platform that is simple to use and lightning-fast.

Build On Trusted Foundations

We ensure reliability and stability for your AI projects. With robust infrastructure and industry-leading security measures in place, you can trust Soluna Cloud to support your development efforts with unwavering reliability.


Train, Tune, and Deploy Models Fast

Speed is critical in AI development. Our platform is optimized for lightning-fast foundation model training, tuning, and inferencing, enabling you to iterate quickly and efficiently. With Soluna Cloud, you can deploy models at scale without compromising performance or reliability.

Integrate Seamlessly

Seamless integration is key to a smooth AI development process. Whether you’re integrating with existing systems or building from scratch, our platform seamlessly integrates with your workflow, ensuring a frictionless experience from start to finish.

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Green Datacenters Scalable to Your Needs

We offer a host of AI computing solutions to handle whatever you need to tackle. If you’re unsure, talk to our experts…


Nvidia H100 Private Cloud Clusters

Fine Tune in Hours. Train Small Models in Days

Access the latest in NVIDIA H100 supercomputing power in our purpose-built cloud for LLM and Generative AI Training.

Fine-Tuning Existing Models (860M tokens)
HGX A100
HGX H100
GPT-40B LoRA (8 GPU)
12 hours
4.4x faster
GPT-175 LoRA (64 GPU)
6 hours
4.3x faster
Training Small Models (10B tokens)
HGX A100
HGX H100
GPT-7B (8 GPU)
17 hours
3.4x faster
GPT-13B (8 GPU)
32 hours
3.6x faster
Training Foundation Models (300B tokens)
HGX A100
HGX H100
GPT-175B (256 GPU)
64 days
4.5x faster
GPT-175B (1K GPU)
16 days
4.6x faster
GPT-175B (4K GPU)
4 days
4.1x faster


Get access to sustainable power and rackspace with the scale you need for your AI training runs. Our modular data centers remove the burden of owning and managing infrastructure. You bring your own equipment and we’ll do the rest.

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