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The Carbon Footprint of Project Dorothy: An LME Analysis

by Nicola Phillips, Contributing Writer

REsurety, a software and solutions provider dedicated to accelerating the world’s transition to a zero-carbon future, analyzed Soluna’s carbon footprint using the metric of locational marginal emissions (LME). An LME analysis measures the tons of carbon emissions displaced by 1 MWh of clean energy added to the grid at a specific location and point in time.

In this paper, we unpack the data, emissions calculations, and benchmarks of this LME analysis, and assess the implications of the study’s findings. We conclude with an outline of the next steps in Soluna’s plans and the significance this data has on the future of computing.

In this recent episode of Clean Integration, CEO John Belizaire discusses this LME study of Soluna’s carbon emissions with Soluna’s VP of Corporate Development, Phillip Ng, and Rob Day, a friend of the show and co-founder and partner at Spring Lane Capital.


Download the full white paper