Renewable Computing

Bitcoin Mining with Chad Roach of Navitas Global

Listen now on Apple | Spotify | SimpleCast In Spring 2023, Soluna proudly announced a new investment partner at Project Dorothy – Navitas Global. Navitas Global is… Read more »

AI’s Water Usage with Professor Shoalei Ren

Listen now on Apple | Spotify | SimpleCast In this episode, we’re taking a deep dive into the use of water in AI computing in… Read more »

The environmental cost of data centers isn’t an AI problem. It’s an engineering one.

By Nicola Phillips and Dip Patel Earlier this month, Fortune published an article detailing the 34% increase in global water… Read more »

The Carbon Footprint of Project Dorothy: An LME Analysis

by Nicola Phillips, Contributing Writer REsurety, a software and solutions provider dedicated to accelerating the world’s transition to a zero-carbon future,… Read more »

Soluna’s Carbon Emissions with Rob Day

Listen now on Apple | Spotify | SimpleCast In this episode, we’re digging into Soluna’s carbon emissions.  An independent study has found that Project Dorothy,… Read more »

The Rise of AI Demands Sustainable Computing

Last fall, OpenAI released a demo version of ChatGPT, provoking the release of dozens of other chatbots that have been… Read more »

ChatGPT: The Mosaic Moment of Artificial Intelligence

  In November of last year, OpenAI released a demo version of ChatGPT, the earliest iterations of which had been… Read more »

The Age of the Specialized Data Center

By Nicola Phillips, Contributing Writer Data centers trace their beginnings to the computer rooms of the 1940s. But the data center… Read more »

Saving Energy, Empowering Change: The Key to Renewable Energy Success with Demand Response Programs

By Nicola Phillips, Contributing Writer, and John Belizaire, CEO Global investment in renewable energy continues to accelerate, with a projected $1.74… Read more »

Soluna Computing Solves the Wasted Energy Problem

by John Belizaire, CEO We believe the world needs more renewable energy. And we think computing can be a powerful… Read more »

The Zero-Carbon Cloud: Solving Renewable Energy’s Biggest Challenge

By John Belizaire, Soluna Computing CEO Renewable energy is ready…depending on who you ask. Before renewable power can swoop in… Read more »

What Makes Soluna’s Data Centers Efficient? A Recap of the Water Tower Research Fireside Chat Series

  In February 2023, Water Tower Research analyst Graham Mattison interviewed Soluna CTO Dip Patel on the engineering and design… Read more »