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Why Buy Bitcoin? with Andy Edstrom

Season 1: Episode 10


Bitcoin, Blockchain, BTC, Crypto Mining, Cryptocurrency, Investors

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Andy Edstrom, Head of Institutional at Swan Bitcoin and author of the book Why Buy Bitcoin, answers why Bitcoin is better than gold, what Bitcoin’s relationship to renewable energy may look like in the future, and much more.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we are talking to Andy Edstrom, CFA, CFP is a financial advisor and also Head of Institutional at Swan Bitcoin. He may be best known in Bitcoin for authoring the book Why Buy Bitcoin, opining that MicroStrategy might borrow in order to buy Bitcoin, and for shaming wealth managers for not owning Bitcoin for their clients.

We talk about the rising interest in Bitcoin from well-known institutions, the case for Bitcoin as a form of money, and the increase of direct investment in crypto assets.

  • Why is Bitcoin a better alternative to gold?
  • What regulatory trends should we be aware of?
  • What is Bitcoin’s relationship to renewable energy?

All of this and more on this episode!