Greening Bitcoin with Troy Cross

Can Bitcoin catalyze the transition to renewable energy? Troy Cross joins us in this episode to discuss. Troy is a… Read more »

Inside the Industry’s Take on Bitcoin’s Energy Use with Eliza and Aoyon of CoinDesk

John sits down with Eliza Gkritsi and Aoyon Ashraf, who both cover crypto mining for the digital currency focus website CoinDesk. Before joining… Read more »

Beating the Bitcoin Energy FUD with Ali Chehrehsaz

Listen now on Apple | Spotify | SimpleCast John sits down with Ali Chehrehsaz, the co-founder and CEO of TerraVerde Energy, an independent energy advisory representing school districts,… Read more »

Understanding Bitcoin’s Climate Impact with Margot Paez

Listen now on Apple | Spotify | SimpleCast Soluna CEO John Belizaire sits down with Margot Paez, a fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute… Read more »

The White House Crypto Assets Report Supports Soluna’s Business Model

by Nicola Phillips, Copywriter Last Thursday, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) published a report on crypto-assets and their… Read more »

The Positive Externalities of Bitcoin

by the team at Soluna At Soluna, we have conviction. We believe the world needs more renewable energy and computing can… Read more »

Soluna Computing Responds to White House Request for Information: Climate Implications of Digital Assets

(To download this response, click here.) May 9, 2022 To Whom it May Concern: Thank you for the opportunity to submit… Read more »

The Bitcoin-Energy Debate with Lindsey Kelleher

Listen now on Apple | Spotify | SimpleCast There is an existing view that Bitcoin is a dirty coin and… Read more »

How Soluna’s Business Model Fares in a Crypto Downturn

by Nicola Phillips, Copywriter With the steep decline in valuations and the recent mass layoffs, there aren’t a lot of positive things… Read more »

Institutional Investment in Crypto with Rene Ramirez

Listen now on Apple | Spotify | SimpleCast Bitcoin, crypto, and batchable computing. Could they be the keys to scaling… Read more »

NY Mining Bill: Not A Ban On Crypto Mining, But What Is It?

Last week, the NY State Assembly passed Assembly Bill A7389C, a two-year moratorium on a subset of new Bitcoin mining operations… Read more »

Clean Integration Season 2 Coming March 15, 2022

[sonaar_audioplayer playlist_type=”feed” feed_title=”Clean Integration Season 2 Coming March 15, 2022″ artwork=”” artwork_id=”11447″ feed=”″ player_layout=”skin_boxed_tracklist” hide_progressbar=”default” display_control_artwork=”false” hide_artwork=”false” show_playlist=”false” show_track_market=”false” show_album_market=”false”… Read more »