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Podcasts that make us smarter: Our team’s favorite podcasts


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By Soluna’s Team

We have reached the golden age of podcasting. These days, you can find a quality podcast about virtually anything — from politics and technology to self-help and true crime. If you look hard enough you can even find podcasts about how to film podcasts! With so many options, it’s overwhelming to decide which ones to invest your time in. We are sharing some of our favorites to give a little more perspective on our diverse interests and help you dive a little deeper into the vast world of podcasts.

The Knowledge ProjectJohn Belizaire, CEO

What it’s about: This podcast, hosted by Shane Parrish, a former cybersecurity expert at Canada’s top intelligence agency, is the definition of brain food. Each episode consists of a long-form conversation with the top thinkers in various fields. The series covers a variety of fascinating content including investing, mental models, entrepreneurship, science, parenting, economics, history, and much more. Parrish takes the time to carefully choose guests and prepare for the episodes, resulting in only a few episodes in the 5 years it’s been around.

Why John likes it: “This podcast and Parrish’s accompanying blog called Farnam Street, and newsletter are now an addiction of mine, constantly reminding me of how much I don’t know and desperately want to learn. My first episode, among my favorites, is called “Inventing the Future” — he interviews Josh Wolfe, of Lux Capital. I first heard about the podcast from my colleague in Morocco, believe it or not. So, it clearly has a reach.”

“A regular dose of insightful perspectives on life and success from a huge range of backgrounds and experiences.” — WIRED, ranking The Knowledge Project #1 for best podcast for curious minds.

John recently highlighted a few of his personal favorites on his CEOPlaybook blog, featuring The Knowledge Project. Read them all here.

FreakonomicsPhillip Ng, VP of Corporate Development

What it’s about: Based on the acclaimed book by the same name, Freakonomics seeks to explore the “hidden side of everything” by digging into incentives and the way people are motivated. It explores wide-ranging topics from foreign aid to child-raising. The series features the two co-authors of the original book, with journalist Steven Dubner as the host and economist Steven Levitt as a regular guest.

Why Phillip likes it: “I like this podcast for the breadth of information it covers and also the inside view of the world. It teaches me about new aspects of the world, and also how to use first principles to analyze a situation.”

“An incentive is a bullet, a key: an often tiny object with astonishing power to change a situation”

Planet MoneyDip Patel, CTO

What it’s about: Launched in September 2008 to cover the financial collapse, Planet Money claims to be “the economy explained”. The 30-minute episodes boil down complex economic issues in short, digestible explanations.

Why Dip likes it: “I’m not a consistent podcast listener, but I really like this one because it gives me a better understanding of economics and money..”