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AMA 01: CEOs Michael Toporek and John Belizaire Answer Your Questions

We recently shared a Question Form on our social media, @SolunaHoldings, and invited you to drop all of your questions there.

We were pleasantly surprised at the influx of questions that came in! Michael Toporek and John Belizaire answer the most common themes and questions we received over the last few weeks.

Questions Answered:

[01:17] Matias asked: When is Soluna going to diversify into other batchable computing services?

[03:40] Jane asked: Can you discuss how the cost structure of Soluna batch computing service (that you are building) will compare to Amazon Web Services, let’s say in 5 years’ time

[07:35] Chris asked: Have you evaluated the risk of other companies copying your business model and improving it, reaching better efficiency? What are the conclusions?

[11:10] John asked: What is your thought process when it comes to using excess free cash flow? Will you re-invest all of it back in Soluna or will you be buying back shares or issuing special dividends?

[13:15] Zach asked: Can you give further insight into how CapEx will be funded for the upcoming quarters?

[19:08] Nancy asked: How does selling BTC work in your favor rather than HODLing while prices are cheap and selling later?

Have a question? Ask us anything.


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