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AMA 02: CEOs Michael Toporek and John Belizaire Answer Your Questions

We recently shared a Question Form on our social media, @SolunaHoldings, and invited you to drop all of your questions there.

Questions Answered:

[01:17] Is the $35M Spring Lane Capital financing dilutive? What’s the nature of the deal?

[06:01] Caleb asked:  Based on Soluna’s potentially large earnings over the few years, will management mainly use the generated free cash flow to reinvest in the business? Or will the company ever pay a one-time dividend or announce a large buyback program?

[09:20] Daniel asked: What do you see as the biggest obstacle to mass adoption of your batchable computing data centers?

[12:35] Martin asked: (1) Given the massive current expansion and future build-out hash rate from competitors, wouldn’t it make sense to switch to the batchable computing business sooner? (2) And one more basic question about the batchable compute business: Can ASIC miner be used for this business or are GPUs required? 

[16:25] James asked: can you briefly discuss what measures you’ve taken to protect yourselves from the upcoming & growing (wide range of) geopolitical risks? And in general, how exposed is Soluna’s business to these? Dillon asked: Given current geopolitical events, is SLNH seeing an increase in projected capital costs for project Dorothy? If so, is this material? Are there any expected delays to project Dorothy given these events?

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