Project Dorothy


A 50 megawatt data center in Texas, under construction. This site is connected to a wind farm with loads of excess energy. Here’s Dorothy influence…

The plant owner was...

Not selling all the power the plant generated because the grid was overloaded and demand was low. Not making their expected profit margins by selling too low. Not sending all the power the plant generated because of a congested grid. Not earning all the tax credits that were available.


Bought a majority of their excess energy. Enabled the plant to sell their energy even when there is abundant energy on the grid. Made the grid stable by ramping up-or-down our demand as needed to support the grid.



So then...

Plant owners earned more by selling their power at a higher price to the grid and selling their excess energy. Received all their available tax credits. They were able to meet their debt commitments—on time, over time. And could predict their revenues more accurately & consistently.

What's in a name?

Dorothy Vaughan was an African American mathematician and human computer. She worked for the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and NASA back in 1939. Dorothy was relentless and altruistic. And brilliant. She saw problems and worked to solve them using practical, real means. There’s a windfarm in Texas that has some real problems. We’re solving them with the mindset we imagine Dorothy would use.

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Project Timeline

May 2023
May 2023

Time to Energize!

Project Dorothy is Energized! Maestro OS is in control of the buildings, enabling automated curtailment as necessary for the grid.

March 2023

Time to Rack!

It’s time to rack the miners!

February 2023

Buildings are ready for Miners

The buildings have racks, PDUs and all necessary power distribution.  They are ready for miners!

December 2022

MV Switchgear and Final Grading!

Now that the buildings and major construction is through, we’re doing the final grading on the site.  We’ve also included... Read more »

November 2022

The Office!

This is where we will work! The office has a large work area, a kitchen/breakroom, restrooms, a lab, network room... Read more »

September 2022
August 2022

Buildings Completed!

Buildings are complete! Integration and test of internal power distribution and networks are next!

July 2022

Introducing Project Dorothy

Soluna Computing CEO John Belizaire introduces Project Dorothy to the world.

June 2022

Half Way!

More than half of Dorothy’s MDCs have been built and are ready for racks.

May 2022

Fans, Fans, Fans.

We’re building rapidly! The team starts installing fans on the finished buildings.

April 2022

Office Space!

The Office and Warehouse!

April 2022

Time to Get Vertical!

Time for the buildings to go up! The team made quick work of assembling the buildings that were fabricated in... Read more »

March 2022

Time to Trench!

First things first, we laid down the concrete foundation and trenched the site for all of the electrical distribution.

March 2022

Breaking Ground

Once we had the green light on permits and design, Soluna partnered with local contractors to begin construction.

February 2022

Time to go!

Our incredible construction team gets to work.

December 2021

Official Layout!

Here we finalize the layout, this is a huge milestone.  Once this is ready, construction can start!