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Renewable Energy Development with the Soluna Team

Season 1: Episode


Business, CEO, Clean Energy, Renewable Computing, Renewable Energy, Startup

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The Soluna Computing team kicks off a new season of the Clean Integration podcast to discuss the need for renewable energy development, investment, and data center innovation.

Episode Notes

The Soluna Computing team gets together for a new season of Clean Integration! This season we will be focusing on all things related to renewable energy innovation, including conversations with experts in the field.

To kick off the season, John Belizaire, CEO, is in conversation with Dip Patel, CTO; Phillip Ng, VP of Corporate Development; and Larbi Louyidi, VP of Energy.

Together, they address the need for renewable energy development, investment, and data center innovation, among many other things. Here’s some of what you can expect to hear:

  • “There is an appeal that the cost of renewable energy makes it compelling to add to the overall energy market. It’s getting to a point where it could become cheaper than coal.” –John Belizaire, CEO, on renewable energy investment
  • “There are about a billion people without access to reliable electricity. That’s 1 of 7 humans on Earth and about half of them live on the African continent.” –Phillip Ng, VP of Corporate Development

Sources referenced in this episode: 2018 IPCC Report, Lazard 2019 Cost Report