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Renewable Energy Transition with John Breckenridge of Arevon Energy

Season 4: Episode 4


Business, Clean Energy, Data Centers, power partners, Renewable Energy

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In 2022, the US Department of Energy reported that, 

“The United States is a resource-rich country with abundant renewable energy… Every region of the country has access to multiple [clean energy] resources. The available renewable resource is 100 times that of the Nation’s annual electricity need.” 

So, why do renewable resources account for only 20% of the nation’s power today?

What’s getting in the way of the mass adoption of renewable energy?

If you’ve been tuning in for a while, you’ve heard me discuss the wasted energy problem with industry experts. I’m excited to continue this conversation:

In this episode, Soluna CEO John Belizaire talks to John Breckenridge, Senior Advisor (and former CEO) of Arevon Energy.

John has more than 20 years of direct private equity investing experience, preceded by more than 18 years of operations management.
We’ll learn from John’s expertise in renewables, infrastructure, and sustainability, and dig into the challenges of clean energy development and integration.

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