Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders

To the Stockholders of Mechanical Technology, Incorporated:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 2018 Annual Meeting of Stockholders (the “Annual Meeting”) of Mechanical Technology, Incorporated, a New York corporation (the “Company”), will be held on Wednesday,

June 6, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., local time, at 4 Pine West Plaza, Albany, New York 12205, for the following purposes:

1. To elect two directors to serve for a three-year term ending at the Company’s annual meeting of stockholders to be held in 2021 and until each such director’s successor is duly elected and qualified.

2. To approve an advisory non-binding proposal to approve the compensation of our named executive officers.

3. To transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting.

The Board of Directors has fixed the close of business on April 11, 2018 as the record date for determining stockholders entitled to notice of, and entitled to vote at, the Annual Meeting and any adjournments or postponements thereof. Only holders of record of the Company’s common stock at the close of business on that date will be entitled to notice of, and to vote at, the Annual Meeting and any adjournments or postponements thereof.

The Board of Directors recommends that you vote in favor of the proposal for the election of the nominees as directors of the Company and the advisory proposal to approve the named executive officer compensation.

In the event that there are insufficient shares to be voted in favor of the foregoing proposals at the time of the Annual Meeting, the Annual Meeting may be adjourned in order to permit further solicitation of proxies.

By Order of the Board of Directors,
Frederick W. Jones
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary
Albany, New York
April 20, 2018

Your vote is important. Whether or not you intend to be present at the meeting, please mark, sign, and date the enclosed proxy and return it in the enclosed envelope to assure that your shares are represented at the meeting. If you attend the meeting, you may vote in person if you wish to do so, even if you have previously submitted your proxy.

Important Notice Regarding the Availability of Proxy Materials for the Stockholder Meeting to Be Held on June 6, 2018: The proxy statement and annual report to stockholders are available at:


Click here to the view a PDF of the Notice.

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