Crypto Helps Kentucky


Soluna calls on the crypto community to support Kentucky in its hour of need.  


Soluna is proud to be scaling in Kentucky.

With nearly 50 MW and 21 employees and staff located at our facilities Project Sophie and Project Marie, the impact of these tornadoes was close to the Soluna family.  

Kentucky is a champion for crypto.

Kentucky has embraced bitcoin mining and other crypto businesses: 

  • Nearly 20% of America’s hash rate comes from Kentucky. 
  • With a low-carbon energy mix, Kentucky offers a greener option to power the blockchain. 
  • Like us, Kentucky supports innovative solutions, like Bitcoin, to bring new industry to the State. 

Let’s show Kentucky that crypto is invested in its future. 

Since the disaster last week, Soluna has been in close communication with our local partners.

  • On Sunday — in less than six hours – our team secured and funded the deployment of a 2-megawatt generator for a wastewater treatment facility in Mayfield.
  • We also released our power back to the utility, to improve grid reliability as the area recovered power.
  • Soluna is closely coordinating with state and local partners to support the communities affected.

We are proud of our colleagues, near and far, for their tremendous efforts during this crisis.

But there’s still much more to do…

Please consider joining us in donating $USD. (We are actively working on getting crypto wallets open for this effort.)

All proceeds from these donations will go directly to Feeding America: Kentucky’s Heartland to support victim relief efforts across 42 central, south-central, and western Kentucky counties, including distributing meals on the ground.

To donate, click here.

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