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AMA 04: Soluna CEOs Discuss Crypto Downturn and Project Financing

We recently shared a Question Form on our social media, @SolunaHoldings, and invited you to drop all of your questions there.

Questions Answered:

[0:48] John asked: Does Soluna have a plan if Bitcoin falls further? People talk about Bitcoin potentially dropping below $20,000. The question is, what would happen at $10,000 or lower?

[4:43] Caleb asked: Post the Spring Lane deal, do you see Soluna doing more of those types of deals, but in larger money amounts ($100 million+)?

[11:10] Haiki asked: Why did we not hit the 1.2 exahash that we had put out as a goal?

Thank you for submitting your questions! We look forward to answering more of your questions in the next AMA installment.

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