MTI Instruments’ PBS-4100+ Series Training Eligible for FAA Training Credit

MTI Instruments’ PBS-4100+ Series Training Now Eligible for Credit Under William (Bill) O’Brien Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Awards Program


ALBANY, N.Y.Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MTI Instruments, Inc. (MTI Instruments), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mechanical Technology, Incorporated (OTCQB:MKTY), today announced that its training course on the PBS-4100+ engine vibration measurement and balancing system is now credit-eligible under the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) William (Bill) O’Brien Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Awards Program.

With the new credit designation, MTI Instrument’s course, “Vibration Analysis and Engine Balancing Using the PBS-4100 System,” can earn an eligible individual up to 16 hours of credit towards AMT Awards issued through the FAA Safety Team continuous training program. With the completion of MTI’s course requirement, plus the core course (required through the AMT Awards program), the participating individual can earn Bronze Award level recognition. Continuous participation in the AMT Awards program for regulatory, airworthiness and safety awareness training reinforces a high level of professionalism and safety within the industry to maintain proficiency.

“MTI Instruments’ conviction to the importance of training and skill development has resulted in the acceptance of our coursework for the FAA Safety continuous training program,” said Moshe Binyamin, President of MTI Instruments. “The FAA’s recognition of this important training on the PBS-4100+ series is truly encouraging, especially for our aviation customers. Aviation maintenance technicians proactively developing their knowledge in this technology benefits the industry as a whole.”

As a U.S. manufacturer, MTI Instruments’ products are designed, manufactured and supported in Albany, New York. Designed to swiftly pinpoint engine vibration problems and eliminate avoidable engine removals, the PBS-4100+ series are known for providing critical diagnostic tools to analyze and resolve engine vibration to assure maximum engine uptime and safety. The configuration and the intuitive user interface make the PBS-4100+ product line easy to use, while the built-in rapid diagnostics and traceability reporting help aviation customers reduce labor hours and minimize engine downtime by reducing maintenance needs.

MTI Instruments’ training program, which is held at customer facilities, emphasizes hands-on learning with the customers’ equipment.

“The objective for pursuing ongoing training on MTI Instruments is to ensure our customers, both military and commercial, are competent and confident with engine vibration measurement and engine balancing operations,” said Ken Ameika, Global Director of PBS Products of MTI Instruments. “With proper training, a post maintenance engine vibration test should be reduced to two hours or less; versus manual methods which require several hours of effort and thousands of pounds’ worth of fuel.”

The PBS-4100+ course is offered throughout the calendar year. For registration, contact MTI Instruments Support Team (518-218-2567) at

Through the William (Bill) O’Brien Awards Program, named after the late Bill O’Brien, a former FAA National Resource Specialist, co-founder of the original AMT Awards Program, the FAA recognizes eligible aviation maintenance-related career individuals and employers by issuing awards to those who receive, promote or foster initial and recurrent training. To learn more about the William (Bill) O’Brien AMT Awards Program and eligibility to participate in the program, please visit:

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