Time to Energize!

Project Dorothy is Energized! Maestro OS is in control of the buildings, enabling automated curtailment as necessary for the grid.

Time to Rack!

It’s time to rack the miners!

Buildings are ready for Miners

The buildings have racks, PDUs and all necessary power distribution.  They are ready for miners!

MV Switchgear and Final Grading!

Now that the buildings and major construction is through, we’re doing the final grading on the site.  We’ve also included..Read More

The Office!

This is where we will work! The office has a large work area, a kitchen/breakroom, restrooms, a lab, network room..Read More

Fans, Buildings and Snakes!

Buildings Completed!

Buildings are complete! Integration and test of internal power distribution and networks are next!

Introducing Project Dorothy

Soluna Computing CEO John Belizaire introduces Project Dorothy to the world.

Half Way!

More than half of Dorothy’s MDCs have been built and are ready for racks.

Fans, Fans, Fans.

We’re building rapidly! The team starts installing fans on the finished buildings.

Time to Trench!

First things first, we laid down the concrete foundation and trenched the site for all of the electrical distribution.