“MKTY has best-in-class power costs and uses green energy... The merger with Soluna Computing provides slnh with a top-tier pipeline among public miners.”
-Seeking Alpha
MTI + Soluna MTI + Soluna

MTI announces close of acquisition of Soluna Computing, changes name to Soluna Holdings, adopts new ticker symbol SLNH

MKTY is now SLNH

Soluna Holdings builds, owns, and operates modular data centers that eliminate wasted energy and deliver revenue to renewable energy producers.

Computing is a better battery.  Our data centers convert wasted green energy into global computing resources for batchable, compute-intensive applications like Bitcoin mining, AI, machine learning, and scientific computing.

Today, up to 30% of renewable energy power plants' energy can go to waste because the power grid is inflexible – it was not built to handle intermittent energy resources like wind and solar.  

Soluna Holdings offers a scalable solution to ensure that no energy goes to waste.  Soluna’s data centers help renewable energy producers sell every megawatt of energy they can generate, and reduce curtailment-related losses.

“Acquiring Soluna lets us provide a solution to the power industry’s spilled energy problem globally, which could give us an opportunity to scale from managing megawatts to managing gigawatts across the world,” said Michael Toporek in his August 12, 2021 presentation to investors.

Learn more about Soluna’s technology and team here.

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“There are two trends that the Soluna deal lets us capitalize on – the significant growth in renewable energy colliding with the growing demand for computing power.”
– Michael Toporek, CEO of Soluna Holdings


Why is MTI changing its name and stock ticker?

The acquisition of Soluna Computing is a transformational one for MTI. By the end of 2021, we expect to generate over 75% percent of our EBITDA from the Soluna business. It makes sense to align our holding company name and ticker with the new business.

What does Soluna Holdings do?

Most renewable power plant operators struggle to sell all the energy they generate. We build modular data centers to buy & use all their ‘excess’ energy. So they earn more profits & tax credits for every megawatt they produce.

Our mission is to make renewable energy a global superpower using computing as a catalyst. 

What we do is globally scalable.

Is SLNH in the Cryptocurrency Mining business?

Yes. In 2021, Carbon-zero Bitcoin mining is the majority of the batchable computing we are doing in our modular data centers.  In the future, we will expand into broader computing markets including AI, machine learning, and scientific computing to name a few.  These markets are large (over $90 Billion in revenue) and growing fast.

Our data centers help bring more renewable energy to the grid by providing flexible demand.  This helps balance the grid and increase its ability to absorb intermittent green energy sources like wind and solar.

What does the acquisition mean for MKTY/SLNH shareholders?

Shareholders will benefit from the converging trends of renewable energy and computing.  
You can find the acquisition announcement news release here.

You can listen to CEO Michael Toporek’s investor update on the announcement here.

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