Earn more

Get more
tax credits

Keep investors

Unable to sell all the energy you produce?

And if so, do any (or all) of these sound familiar?

Unable to predict revenues with too many plants creating more power than grids can handle? Losing tax credits by not sending power to the grid? Struggling to send power during negative pricing periods? Unable to pay off your power plant debts on time? Or…

Are investors getting the returns you promised them?

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Have a customer always around to buy your excess energy

Reap the benefits of selling everything your power plant generates…

Generate max energy

Never again generate less than full capacity.

Earn more profits

We’ll buy your excess energy at a great price. Guaranteed.

Never lose tax credits

Earn all credits by producing all you can & selling it without any losses.

Crack the code

Discover new ways to sell your renewable energy.

Experience grid stability

Always have the right amount of energy flowing through the system.

Ramp it up or down

Enable the grid to easily handle spikes in energy demand or production.

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Why you should care about our data centers

The reason we can buy all your excess energy is because we have customers waiting to power their businesses with clean energy. Businesses & global communities that run computing-intensive apps for artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency mining, scientific computing & more. It works like this:

You generate renewable energy.
We buy your excess energy.
We use that energy to power our data centers.
Then sell clean computing to our customers.

Most data centers...

Need to be powered every hour of every day. Requires loads of energy to keep the building cool. Demands huge internet bandwidth to power real-time apps like Netflix & Zoom. Requires power-hungry, heavy-duty generators to keep systems running 99.999% of the time. Are extremely expensive to build & run. Take several months-to-years to build. And occupies heaps of land to achieve everything above.

Soluna's data centers...

Are 100% green. Wake up quickly based on demand. Only need to be up 85% of the time. Are air-cooled so more of the power is available for computing. Only need limited bandwidth to perform all their functions. Cost 1/10 the price of mainstream data centers. Are up and running in 6 months. A 3-acre parcel can power a 25 MW facility.

How we accomplish this…


Our data centers fit together like Lego® blocks


Can easily expand to consume 100+ megawatts—leaving no excess electrons behind


Can ramp up-or-down to match energy demands—in minutes


Air-cooled buildings means more power available for computing-intensive applications. Which also means, we use more of your excess energy—up to 1.5 megawatts.


We use sensor-fusion technology to automate, monitor & proactively maintain systems. Skilled technicians are also available to keep systems running & humming.

Data Center

A modular, eco-friendly data center farm

Know what to do with your excess energy

Get started today. We make it easy.


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Meet to learn more • Understand your plant’s production • Identify areas to convert excess energy into profitable payments

Propose a solution

Create a proposal • Know what we’ll pay for your excess power • Build a project timeline

Build the facility

Finance, design & build the data center • Determine required upgrades to your substation • Coordinate with regulatory authorities & grid operators

Sell all that you generate

Generate all the power you can. Get paid for every last megawatt. Make good on your promises to investors.
John Belizaire

John Belizaire

Chief Executive Officer
Soluna Computing, Inc

About Soluna

We started this business to crack the code…

…of stranded renewable energy—usable energy that goes unused. Why? To help power plants reach their revenue goals. To get more megawatts to the grid. To help make renewable, affordable energy the world’s primary power source. How? By bringing demand to power plants. Building mobile data centers at the location where power is generated. Then apply that energy for the growing, world-wide demand for high-intensive computing.

We are a team of experts, professionals & entrepreneurs suited to bring green to power plants, grids, and the world economy.

Meet the Team

Build trust with your investors

That’s what our team of experts & professionals will do for you

Built 25-megawatt facility in KY to balance energy demand

20+ years collective, team experience in renewable energy

60+ years collective, advisory board experience in renewable energy

We buy power and always pay the bills (check our credit)

Building a 50 megawatt facility in the U.S.—with a pipeline of 300 megawatts more

Tested & proven process solving real-life energy problems in the US & Morocco

Why risk ‘excess’ energy any longer?

“I’m tired of seeing monthly reports where we generated more energy than we sold. Tired of intentionally generating less power than we could. Tired of paying power-plant debts over too long a period. I want more profits & tax credits for our plant and more investors for our business. I’m ready to sell all we produce.”

We hear you. Let’s make that happen.
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